• Why we do what we do

    When I first started messing around with Kodi (XBMC) it was hard to find people in the community who would share their knowledge with others. I remember you could not find any videos on Youtube on how to do this or that. People were charging people $100 plus just to create a basic wizard for others. You can still find people who are charging for wizards, apks, forks, etc in the community.... But at least now you can find groups like mine with people who are willing to help and share our knowledge. Kodi is free to download and to use and a lot of the addons are free as well. Why do people like to think they can charge people for a build or a wizard? Do you see the Developer of Exodus charging for his addon, no you don't and I will tell you that he puts in a whole lot more work and time than it takes for a build or a wizard ever will. That is the reason that I myself want to share my knowledge with the people of this wonderful community. Now you will find some bad people everywhere you look, but if we all join together and continue to learn and create then I believe we can help keep Kodi free and alive!

  • please join us

    If you are like minded and willing to learn, then please join us on Facebook. You can find a direct link to our group below. The same thing applys if you are like minded and want to share your knowledge with the community, please join us and we can all grow together!
  • Founder

    TK aka Trent Bumgarner: At this point in time I have focused my time on the python side of Kodi. I have been working to create sample addons, wizards, etc for the community. About a year ago I was focused on themes, but I honestly have not messed with them to much since Kodi 16 came out. I plan on starting to work on themes starting in 2017.

  • admin

    Dan Heather Longtin: Dan is currently producing some very nice themes for the community and plans on working with python more in 2017.